Saturday, 6 November 2010

Your Internet connection has been delayed

 Your internet connection request has been delayed for 1045.2222224 days:
reason: ERROR 902: some penguin hooligans blew up some wires in Canada.

Well, that's all.

Remember those times before august? i was on and blogging every single day.
Well, after some Penguin Hooligans blew up some wires in Canada, i have lost connection to the internet.
I now blog like a homeless person: cafes, hotels, some weird contraption that i bought off a street dealer that acts as a computer with connection...
I will try to stay true to my schedule: 3 REAL posts per week, excluding comics, 1 liners, and pictures.

Stolen from The currently Homeless Awesome Penguin(NOT to be confused with the Homeless Emperor Penguin, or the Homeless Grandfather Penguin)

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