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Thursday, 16 September 2010


well, my blog has barely any pictures!(more like only 2)
but anyways.....
yes, comics... drawn by first graders in penguin school.
The comics are meant to offend and encite vicious debate.
I think the comics will be done soon.
So look out!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Back To School

Well, its back to school.
What? So? Even Penguins have to go to school!
Well, i'm going to a specialized penguin school...
From now on.. look after posts That include the words: What Happened in School
It means it is probrably funny, or just plain weird.
Oh and By the way, Coolio's posts are plain stupid.
They don't mean anything, but he targets penguins like me!
Hey... um... gotta go to school, the school bus is coming......

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Event details

I kinda forgot 'bout the blog, coz I was playing a pirated version of Simcity Deluxe 4. Yeah, it's awesome! Anyways很麻烦的 penguin, who is busy playing computer games and doing homework, told me about an event that he posted on Facebook. Yup, you guys gotta send your articles to this address "" before the end of this month. Best 7 articles get to go on the blog, the rest get trashed. So be sure to get some rockin' articles before the end of this month!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 2(continued yet again)

Well, now the teacher is forcing people to be representatives(which basically means be that classes' teacher servant).
I nearly became the representative for media... ugh. i don't like the media anyways.(specially the human ones. most of the stuff are fake.)
Now the teacher can't get the class to be absolutely quiet(normal for a 40-something hyperactive class of penguins or humans), so he resorts to totally annoy me off by waiting until it is dead silent(nearly impossible), which take like 5 minutes. Ugh..... fail. its very lame, nonconstructive, and doesn't fell teacher-like.

School Day 2(continued)

Well, I sprained my flipper while playing tag with some buddies... it hurts if i breathe, which sucks. anyways the teacher doesn't notice that i limp. and now i have to pay 20 bucks of human money to the teacher or some health check. (ugh! squeezing fluids that you don't understand into your body... no one would like that- unless you are a vampire.

School, Day 2

Well, when do we eat lunch? I just survived a very very long speech about stuff that will have no use in my life.
It was soooooo boring, some people actually fell asleep and had to b waken up. I was nearly nodding before i heard someone say something about getting up in line...
  I can only describe this school as boring and strict.
YES!!! Lunch IS  HERE!
'scuse me, i gotta go.

The\/ Penguin

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