Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last day of freedom :(

Well, it's august 31. And that is the day that students of the penguin school dread of. I mean, sure, summer was kinda boring, but take that compared to work/school.

It's kinda hard for me to enjoy my last day of real life, when I kno that tomorrow will be misery, so I am trying to shrug it off by blogging. I edited half of my half finished posts( I got tons of them) and posted my daily article. Any ideas in what to do?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

School Day 1

Wow... I met my teacher today.
He Thought he could scare me into being good by telling me that this place was a good place blah blah blah...
I counter their communications, and after knowing the lay of the land, can actually evade and overwhelm them!
But i have to act like an idiot... wich its idiotic.
The P


Now thats a cool game! based on starcraft 2, this sidescrollin' startegy game of HUGE porportions that you will be addicted to..... so go play that game, at armorgames.com!
Check that out.

ok, now i'm going back to playing colony!

Coolio out.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another post of awesomeness..

Just wanted to say.... Bookmark this page!!
dude, if you bookmark this page, you can get here easier!!!
oh yes.... Uh... The P said that you are free to laugh at him and spam his posts with useless comments.

Peace Out.

New Blogger On The Penguin Times!

Welcome Our newest blogger, Coolio! Welcome him to hell, erm... i mean my blog!
He will be helping out everywhere,  anytime with articles.
Oh, he'll also be my pencil sharpener assistant.(joking)
Well, welcome Coooooooooooooooolio!

====annoying band song plays on and on====


Hey Guys! im Coolio, One of the authors or this blog.... i just got forced to.. um.. i mean volunteered to blog on urbanpenguinary.com! so when you see me, remember to comment on my posts and insult awesome penguins post!
By the way, Friday is my day off, so don't expect any posts from me!

Sundays Is my day off!

Well, the title said it. don't expect any posts on sundays, coz thats the day i go swimmin' and eating high quality ice..
So long, dudes!

Hamas Conflict

 The Hamas conflict is the most interesting conflict in the world, because of unusually high media attention and the fact that this is a war between a terrorist government and a government rumored to posses nuclear weapons. The Hamas conflict is mainly Israel against Hamas, so we will have a look at these two organizations and how they counter the threat(s)
  Many people know the word ‘Hamas’ and that it is a terrorist group in the middle east. What they don’t know is that Hamas is a Para militaristic Sunni Islamic organization and is also a political party. It handles social affairs in Gaza (schools, hospitals, etc.).
The word Hamas first appeared in a leaflet accusing Israelis corrupting the moral fiber of Palestinian teenagers, written by some dudes called Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi and Mohammad Taha. Since then Hamas has attacked Israel on numerous occasions.
  Israel actually has a long history, but I will only tell you the important details. Israel was created in 1949, and following a couple of wars Israel lost and gained large amounts of territory. Israel wants to eliminate the Hamas Organization and create peace in Gaza.
  The conflict really started during Operation Cast Lead. But it actually started in 2003, when Hamas started lobbing rockets over the borders. So after a few years of being pounded, Israel launched a huge rocket barrage that killed around 700 Hamas Personnel and 300 civilians, while blockading the whole Gaza strip. Israel quickly got shunned for the civilian deaths and the humanitarian crisis, so Israel stopped the rockets on January 18th. Of course then Hamas threw some rockets back to Israel after they ceasfired.
You decide who's better!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Re: Bloggng with email?

Read my blog! survivalpenguin.blogspot.com

On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 11:24 AM, Penguin Zeep <ultasage.m@gmail.com> wrote:
wow! this blogging thing actually works! can't wait to blog on phones!!! wonder how that will be.....
oh yes.. We are currently inviting new bloggers to be on penguinary.com!
so if you want to blog... but you are too lazy to do anything but write articles, contact me!
(make sure your subject is "want to be a blogging partner)

Crytal Radio- No power needed

Yes, Its an Earth friendly radio.
My friend VR2VHY, will explain how it works.
an antenna, joined to a copper coil with an compartment which touches a crystal and it will recieve the radio signals of nearby stations. And you can hear it from speakers or earphones.
for some reason, it does not use any electricty... even for the speaker.
so go to your nearest electronics store and get it fast!

Its only 2 USD!
so no need to steal it!

So long, suckers!

Has problems Veiwing This Awesome Blog

Recently i had problems veiwing the blog,so the number of posts will dwindle.
oh, and also.....
look out on a  series of "how to survive" Cities on urbanpenguinary.com. it will probably help you a LOT with your urban life.

Is this a real post or a fake one?

Well, how can you tell that this blog is not one of those cheesy crappy fake blog that use articles copied off from someone elses blog it article? Well, I give you 5 steps to show you how to fund the fake ones.
1. Look at the article. Does it correspond to the bloggers tastes style, so on? If the bloggers style is irrelevant... Then most probably it is a stolen article.
2. Are ther any typos and stuff like that? If so... Most likely a blogger wrote it, and it was not copied from the web.
3. Of course they might steal it from another bligger but apply rule 1 to it and then it will be very easy to distinguish which one s hand typed and not copied and pasted.
4. Read all their posts... Maybe you wil find that there are only a couple of REAL articles hand typed.
5. There is a bogus article in my blog. Can you find it?
so.... Now you know how to tell real blogs from fake blogs!

Seeya later, Snshine!(lol)


what the hell is google? well, for me, its my clutter cabinet. find mail, calenders, to do lists that never get done, old pictures, unanswered request, all that stuff.
Just look at my igoogle page. what a mess! i mean, its lie 30 pages long filled with half useful, half done stuff.
usually i get things started, but lack the energy to finish it. just look at my articles!! i got 30 times the number of them, half done.. in my drafts.....
some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are weird... it will probably take me hours just to name them all.
someday i might just have to publish a long blog filled with all of these never ending half finished stories.

Blogging on an iPod touch

Blogging on the iPod touch : ) well, that's the swellest thing I ever done, you know, sittng on a couch.... Watching some movie, blogging during the ads, well I actually don't really know what i should blog now.....(or how to even blog for that matter) So I will jus give you a quick outlook of this blog. Made by a penguin, designed tonattract penguins or urban cities. So if you are reading these you are either a penguin or one of those awesome humans that like to live in concrete boxes.

Starcraft 2

Ever heard of the new Starcraft? The Starcraft II?

If you’re a Starcraft player, I bet you’ve hear about much awaited yet mysterious Starcraft II. Up until now, Blizzard Entertainment has been keeping Starcraft players excited about the sequel of the award-winning Starcraft.

About Starcraft II:

Let me refresh you about Starcraft. Starcraft is a strategy video game that became popular around 7 to 8 years ago. In the old Starcraft, there were three races vying for domination of the Starcrafft universe. And so the epic begins under that storyline.

Starcraft II is the continuation of the Starcraft saga. The three races – the rebel human Terrans, the noble Protoss, and the gruesome Zergs will again meet and try to spill each other’s blood on in the Koprulu Sector on a battle that is meant to annihilate each other.

Of course, players are at the lookout for old units that became their favorite and for additional units that will make the battles in Koprulu more interesting and diabolical. According to Blizzard, a large portion of the units will be returning while some will be morphed into their upgrades. Moreover, new units will also be deployed.

In the new Starcraft, the first Trilogy will feature the Terrans and so I find it worthy to review the units of the Terrans.

So here it goes…

Crucio Siege Tank:

The Crucio is an upgrade from the old Arclite. The old Arclite was reinforced by building a turret and a hull. The aim of which is to increase the unit’s chances of survival in an open battlefield. The turret’s layout was upgraded from what the Players have experienced in the old Starcraft. It has now an assault-mode armament that increased the protection of the Crucio. The upgrades made in the Crucio accounts for the increase in the cost of the unit.


Nomads are upgraded Terran Dominion who gives much lower levels of protection to the Terran outposts. It is also because of cost consideration that the Terrans decided to build nomads. By building nomads, the Terrans were also able to cut on costs since they do not need to man the nomads with local civilians.

Nomads serve as the defense units of the Terrans against cloaked or burrowed enemy units. They are equipped with delicate sensors that are used for surveillance of terrains for enemy units that are threats to the race. Nomads are effective against the Zerg’s Banelings and Hydralisks.

Terran Battle Cruiser:

Most of the battle cruiser designs were retained in the Starcraft II with only minimal upgrades like the old Behemoth-class battlecruiser. The design of the Hercules and the Minotaur ships were retained with the signature hammerhead shape as well as the Terran Battle cruiser.

Two additional weapons were installed in the Terran Battle Cruiser: the Yamato cannon and the Plasma torpedoes. The Yamato cannon utilize a magnetic field to expel an energy

that can trigger a nuclear explosion. On the other hand, the Plama torpedoes releases a deluge of fire. However, great sum of energy is needed by the Battle Cruise to release a plasma torpedo.

Are you thrilled like everyone and desire to know more detailed information about the Starcraft 2 video game? Why not you join at the Starcraft 2 forum to keep yourself till date? Get going right away.

Canada Vs. America

Opinions, arguments, yelling, muting,banning, kicking allowed.
Swearing NOT allowed.
Dirty fighting is fine, as long as it is not targeted at me.
Let the Fight Begin!!!!

Wow, a Blog!

Well, This is it.
My newest Blog.
in other words:
Edit: Moved already.

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