Friday, 27 August 2010

Is this a real post or a fake one?

Well, how can you tell that this blog is not one of those cheesy crappy fake blog that use articles copied off from someone elses blog it article? Well, I give you 5 steps to show you how to fund the fake ones.
1. Look at the article. Does it correspond to the bloggers tastes style, so on? If the bloggers style is irrelevant... Then most probably it is a stolen article.
2. Are ther any typos and stuff like that? If so... Most likely a blogger wrote it, and it was not copied from the web.
3. Of course they might steal it from another bligger but apply rule 1 to it and then it will be very easy to distinguish which one s hand typed and not copied and pasted.
4. Read all their posts... Maybe you wil find that there are only a couple of REAL articles hand typed.
5. There is a bogus article in my blog. Can you find it?
so.... Now you know how to tell real blogs from fake blogs!

Seeya later, Snshine!(lol)

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