Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hamas Conflict

 The Hamas conflict is the most interesting conflict in the world, because of unusually high media attention and the fact that this is a war between a terrorist government and a government rumored to posses nuclear weapons. The Hamas conflict is mainly Israel against Hamas, so we will have a look at these two organizations and how they counter the threat(s)
  Many people know the word ‘Hamas’ and that it is a terrorist group in the middle east. What they don’t know is that Hamas is a Para militaristic Sunni Islamic organization and is also a political party. It handles social affairs in Gaza (schools, hospitals, etc.).
The word Hamas first appeared in a leaflet accusing Israelis corrupting the moral fiber of Palestinian teenagers, written by some dudes called Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi and Mohammad Taha. Since then Hamas has attacked Israel on numerous occasions.
  Israel actually has a long history, but I will only tell you the important details. Israel was created in 1949, and following a couple of wars Israel lost and gained large amounts of territory. Israel wants to eliminate the Hamas Organization and create peace in Gaza.
  The conflict really started during Operation Cast Lead. But it actually started in 2003, when Hamas started lobbing rockets over the borders. So after a few years of being pounded, Israel launched a huge rocket barrage that killed around 700 Hamas Personnel and 300 civilians, while blockading the whole Gaza strip. Israel quickly got shunned for the civilian deaths and the humanitarian crisis, so Israel stopped the rockets on January 18th. Of course then Hamas threw some rockets back to Israel after they ceasfired.
You decide who's better!

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